Self Love & Loyalty

Self Love & Loyalty

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to love me better.

🧘🏾‍♀️🤎🌻 This Message will lighten your heart. 

The beginning of loyalty is love. 

To love: yourself first. To love yourself so much that you won’t allow anything less than love to breathe the air of, Yours Truly. To allow nothing less than love to consume any of your time. To have Self so figured out that you know exactly what you need. That you dare anyone to challenge you other wise. The beginning of loyalty is integrity of ones self. To always have your own back. To set the example and speak highly of You. To never give up on You. To be the first to love yourself with longevity. It’s falling so deeply for yourself that you become savage over your heart, and tolerate no hate. To create life that makes your own heart smile. To never die inside but to recreate new life in yourself indefinitely. To be a creator of life, not a victim to life! The beginning of loyalty is love. The way you love yourself proves your loyalty. Self love is the beginning of loyalty. 


“Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to love me better.” 🧸 

-LeShae Robinson

                     ***Seize The Moment***

This is your sign to love you more. More than ever before. 

Here is your sign to forgive yourself.

A sign to intentionally use forgiveness to love you!

New Life Rule ( & you may put this gem into your tool box): Every single day find something new to forgive yourself for. Find something new to give yourself credit for. Find something new to appreciate about you. 🤎 

Each day, as much as I can remember, I’ll make a list of things to forgive, give credit, & appreciate. 

Note To Self: 📝 

For any time that I didn’t believe in you or trust, Self, I forgive you. If I ever found myself looking for love in all the wrong places -Knowing that True Love lives with in me, I forgive you, Self. I forgive myself for the moments I took for granted by subjecting myself to anything less than Love. If there was ever a time I didn’t let myself smile; because I was too caught up in shaming myself, or wasting my good energy on poor elements of life, I forgive myself. Each time I didn’t go the extra mile, above, & beyond for you, forgive me. Any time I neglected your heart & treated you like a robot, please forgive me. 


Self Love & Loyalty 

(Take this time to reflect on the things you just read. Also to do breathing exercises. For those of you who need to know a good way to breathe  and slow down your heart rate here it is. Great breathing for instant anxiety relief. Very simple. Breathe like this: “in in, out out…in in, out out.” Eventually you’ll start taking deeper and deeper breathes. It will also help you to calm down because you are giving your brain a boost of oxygen. This relieves tension right away. If you are able to stretch, do breathing exercises, & Love Yourself every day… wheeeeEW!! The sky is the limit.

Reflection 🌻 🐛 🦋 

  1. Self Love is the beginning of loyalty. The greatest loyalty is proven by the way you love yourself.
  2. Always always always forgive yourself. We never think to do that. Always appreciate you and give yourself credit! 
  3. Work on your breathing, stretching, & self love daily. 🙃


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Love this! Self love was the best thing I discovered many years ago! You learn to know your worth and become more positive with everything in life

Takarra K

Best read I had. Very positive vibes that I need to apply to myself!!!🤞🏿💯💯


Very Lovely! It’s always a plus to love yourself.

Jelisa B

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