There is this thing called life that we were all blessed with. You have a choice and a voice every day. Each day is a new opportunity for us to do something better than yesterday. Every rising is a fresh new platform. A brand new slate to invest in your future. A grand reason to love yourself, create happiness, and secure your peace. It’s all up to you. Life is life. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to be nice to ourselves. Also self talk. Be the nice and loving voice to yourself in your head. Reminding yourself every moment that you are the boss of your thoughts. Be there for yourself. Be aware of the way you are treating yourself.

“Talk to yourself like someone you love. -Brene Brown”

You need to be the one who has nice encouraging things to say to yourself. It will take you further than fueling off of other people saying nice things to you. We have to be able to pick ourselves up sometimes without venting. Sometimes we need encouragement from others. -And then there are those moments to ourselves when we have no one to call, or don’t want to tell our business. Self-motivation has gotten me out of many dark places. I keep quotes I found or quotes I made up just for me. I also had a Being Mary Jane phase with the sticky notes on every wall.  Self-motivation is self-love. Self-encouragement is self-love.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ “ Don’t be a victim of life, Be A Creator ! ”   -LeShae Robinson

By far that is one of the most amazing quotes I ever wrote for myself. 


It reminds me that I don’t have to settle in life. Whatever I need from life, I can manifest it. No matter what life throws at me I can keep going.  It’s my self-empowerment quote. I want to share what it means to me. You can relate to it. It has helped me to be intentional about creating the life I desire and it can do the same for you. Instead of just taking what life has to give, I create the waves. I control my happiness. I control my peace. I am not a victim of life. I create life inside of myself and others every single day.  I trust myself & I got this.

I do understand that life is not easy. It can be a roller coaster. Being a creator of life is the best MOST powerful gift you could give to yourself. A Victim mindset will waste valuable time complaining, overthinking, feeling down, and feeling bad; about something they can change. A Creator will also feel bad, feel down, maybe cry, need to vent, and maybe even need some words of encouragement from a friend. -BUT what a CREATOR is not going to do is spend more time feeling down, than they plan to spend on healing and feeling better. A Creator is going to say “I had a rough day but I love myself, and I will still be successful.” I’m not telling you not to feel. I’m not telling you to avoid your emotions and pretend to be okay if you're not okay. I’m saying, create a system of balance that works for you. Cry about it if you have to, call a friend for some encouragement, journal about it, find an outlet to deal with stress… do whatever you have to do to heal from whatever pain so that you can get back to being happy. Heal correctly, don’t rush it. Then get back to happiness ASAP!

This outlook on life will bring you so much peace. I promise. There is nothing worth spending days feeling bad about yourself. Your worth does not decrease when you make a mistake. Your worth does not go down because someone doesn’t like you. Even when you have a bad day, even when you make a mistake, even when you don’t get it right the first or one-hundredth time -YOU ARE STILL PRICELESS! You are perfect. You are still worth more than diamonds and pearls. I promise. Nothing is worth letting yourself feel that you cannot be successful because you made a mistake or something went wrong in life. You are allowed to have a bad day Honey, I understand. You are allowed to not feel okay and go through life. As long as you know that tomorrow will be a better day because YOU said so. As long as you take responsibility for your life and understand that you can turn any L into a lesson. Not accepting anything as a loss. Even when it feels like you are taking slow steps, the important thing is that you are taking steps! I promise that the only thing getting in the way of your success is overthinking and feeding into negative thoughts. So smile. Be happy. Laugh. Even if your life is not perfect, you deserve to feel good every single day, still.

Life hands us enough challenges. Please do yourself this favor as a token of self-love. Self-appreciation. Self-kindness. Be nice to yourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Create your peace & happiness. Do what you have to do to heal from any pain because you deserve to go back to being happy. AND ANOTHER THING, stay away from whatever made you feel down. Stay away from anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Stay away from anyone who is draining you. Stay away from anyone and any situation that is not motivating you. Anyone who is not loving you right, stay away from them. Stay away from anyone who is not happy for you. Stay away from anyone who is not pushing you or encouraging you. Stay away from anything negative.

“Life is what you make it.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 

You have a choice to look at your cup half empty or half full. The cup represents your life. If you see your cup of life as half full all the time it proves that you are optimistic. The opposite is having a pessimistic outlook on life. If you see your cup of life as half empty it can only run dry. When we are intentionally positive it shapes our mindset for living life. This is the foundation of loving yourself, loving your life, and others.

When you react to life with responsibility first you are a creator. As quoted in my last blog “Create Your Happiness” . . .

"Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you respond." 

-Charles R. Swindoll 

Life is where your power to create lives.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

-Elbert Hubbard 

This is your opportunity to make lemonade. No matter the case you can revisit your goals and make new goals. You can always come up with a better plan. 

What is going to be your lifelong routine for overcoming hard times? Especially the hard times that you want to keep private. For me, I began with time alone to admit my feelings, reflect, and collect my thoughts. I might have to cry and read something encouraging. Reading is my alternative to venting. Then I do the best I can to return to a happy routine. 

The way you see life has everything to do with the way you will live it.

Don’t be a victim of life, be a creator!

I know this entry will find you well. Not everyone’s eyes will be graced with this message. It is for you. Love yourself first. Love yourself through thick and thin. Love yourself like a fat kid loves CAKE!! If you don't love yourself, who will? 

Manifesting rich health, wealth, & success on you & your family!

This is an 11:11 Moment... any time you set new intentions, goals, and reset it is an 11:11 moment. You can manifest success by being optimistic and intentional about creating a positive life!

...until next time...

 Sincerely, Yours’ Truly 👑

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The knowledge of that 10/90 out look remarkable !!! Keep writing


Wow… In my current season this is exactly what I needed to hear to reset my mind and heart and begin to return to happiness and creator instead of victim. Several good points and tokens to take with me. Thanks 😊


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