45 Ways To Detox Your Mind !

45 Ways To Detox Your Mind !



  1. Daily walks
  2. Collect your thoughts and reflect
  3. Write down your long / short term goals & how you’ll accomplish them
  4. Journal
  5. Take a bath with candles, soft music, & aromatherapy
  6. Cut out toxic relationships (including family)
  7. Spend time with those that make you feel loved 
  8. Do Yoga or just stretch 
  9. Go to the Gym or exercise at home 
  10. Get rid of clutter in your home (donate)
  11. Deep clean your home 
  12. Stop scrolling social media
  13. Read good books daily instead of social media scrolling 
  14. Take a pottery class
  15. Revisit your goals
  16. Rethink your diet 
  17. Put your phone away after 8pm
  18. Learn to cook something new 
  19. Jump Rope
  20. Take any kind of class
  21. Be more selfish with your time 
  22. Have a spa day 
  23. Meditate 
  24. Solo trip
  25. Vacation 
  26. Solo date 
  27. Use your screen time settings
  28. Stop comparing yourself to others 
  29. Spend quiet time alone 
  30. Rethink your career job or education 
  31. If you watch too much tv, read more instead 
  32. If you don’t watch a lot of tv, find something good to watch 
  33. Hot tub
  34. Sauna 
  35. Get in touch with your emotions, think about what you’re feeling and why, think of ways to overcome those feelings 
  36. Delete toxic apps
  37. Clean up phone and create more space 
  38. Set aside time to reflect and collect your thoughts daily
  39. Be sure to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep
  40. Be sure to eat well daily
  41. Drink a lot of water daily 
  42. Find a good hobby and stick to it 
  43. Listen to a motivational podcast
  44. Listen to soothing sounds or music
  45. Always always always appreciate yourself
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Definitely 💕💕 gonna do more of these

Falicia Sims

Yes! I love these tips! Definitely will using the ones I don’t already do! It really works to give your self love and time! Great Blog!

Renisha Gray

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