Thank You.

Thank You.

(This is my Thanksgiving Blog, so HAPPY THANK YOU DAY!!)

🤎 Thank You!

A simple “Thank you.” goes a long way!
There is this way of living I learned some time ago. It’s a way of controlling your life in a positive manner. This has, literally shifted guilt into powerful energy for me. Intentional power to love myself, and live guilt free.  Anyway, being more thankful than sorry. That’s it. That’s the message. A thankful heart manifests respect and confidence. In the same sense that saying "sorry" doesn’t cut it.  Practice thankful behavior instead of apologetic behavior.

Example: “I really appreciate your patience. Thank you for your time.” Very gentle. Elegant manners. Apologizing is not a cure. It does not make the situation disappear.

I was sitting in the spa the day before Thanksgiving, waiting for service. There was a schedule mix up. However the customer service was amazing. I had a chance to discuss business with the owner. Not only did the owner tell me she appreciated my patience; her other customer thanked me for waiting too! Kudos.

Are you thankful or are you sorry? 
(Either way, you better love whatever you are! Like a butterfly loves flowers, you better love you!)

I am thankful for ART.  Art in all forms of expression.                                   
(Art:) Literature, Skating, Yoga, Dance, Music, & Life. The life given to me & The Life given to me (My Favorite Girl).

If this entry finds you well, you’ll love my upcoming blogs.  COMMENT!!
-xO Love Me Repeat

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Manifesting a thankful heart 🤎 love it!


Omg I love this message


Love this message says so much 🙌🏾💐


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